Crick Community

Serving the people of Crick

You may not be aware that, together with Kilsby and the operators of DIRFT, we employ two dedicated Police Community Support Officers, Les Conopo and Duncan Cumming. This arrangement is ongoing and has done much to reduce crime levels and is as close as you can get nowadays to having a "bobby on the beat".

Many of you reading this will be new to the village having moved into the Fallowfields or St Margaret's View Estates, or other houses of course. We'd like to say how welcome you are to our village and how important your involvement in the life of the village will be. There are a wide range of clubs and activities to take part in and even get involved in the running of. You'll find mention of many of these on this website and in Crick News which is published quarterly. We pride ourselves in still being a truly caring and integrated community, please join in.

Many of our village organisations need funds from time to time to carry out new projects such as facility improvements, new equipment or special events. We'd just like to remind you that there are sources of grants specifically for Crick. Firstly there is the Yelvertoft Windfarm Fund which is administered by the Northamptonshire Community Foundation, where an average of £14,400 per year is available. Secondly, there is the Daintree Windfarm Fund which, has £6000 available per year and lastly the Butchers Community Fund, administered by the Parish Council where a total of £2000 per year is available for small projects. Beyond that there are other National and Local Sources of Funds such as the National Lottery's Awards For All Scheme. They mostly require a lot of form filling and patience but it is very often worth it.

Traffic and parking are increasingly the main problems in this village. We know that most of you would like to see some positive steps taken to improve the situation. The Parish Council has limited powers or funds in this area, which is mainly the responsibility of the County Council. However we are very keen to establish what could be done to help and then try to get agreement and funding for it. To this end, we are employing an outside consultant to advise us. We are also continuing to pursue the provision of a pedestrian bridge where the A428 crosses the canal by The Moorings, now that it is even more dangerous.

Please don't forget that the Parish Council is here to represent all of you, so don't hesitate to approach us with any concerns or ideas that you may have that may improve village life. Just contact our Clerk or myself, or come along to one of our Parish Council Meetings where you will have the chance to talk to us.

Jill Jamieson : Chairman

November 2017