Representing and promoting the interests and the well-being of the parish

Cllr Jim Goodger

Cllr Jim Goodger


Crick Parish Council

Personal Statement

Jim Goodger has lived in Crick since 1969. He is a retired Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology, bodies for which he still does voluntary work. He recently retired as an audit consultant to Northampton shire County Association of Local Councils. His wife is a retired teacher. Their children were educated locally and Jim is a Past Chairman of Crick Primary School Governors as well as being a past governor at Daventry William Parker School and Daventry Tertiary College (Northampton College).
A member of Crick Parish Council since 1987 and is a Past Chairman. He was the Council's first Internal Financial Controller, a position he held for 10 years.
Over his time in the village he has served on many village organisations, including The Playing Field Association and as a trustee for Crick Education Foundation, Crick Parochial Charity and Old School Charity. He was a founder member on Crick Woodlands Charity, Crick History Society and the Crick Community Sports Center.
Currently he is the archivist for the Crick Digital Archive.
He is responsible for the Crick books – 'Walks and More', 'Crick History Trail', 'A Few Crick People'(with others) and 'Crick and the Canal' (with Bryan Turner). All the profits from the book sales have been donated to local organisations.

4 Drayson Lane, Crick
01788 822723

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