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Crick Allotment Gardens

Historically, Crick Parish Council rented the Allotment Gardens from Severn Trent on an arrangement that was to be terminated on notice at any time. In October 2017, Severn Trent announced their intention to sell the allotments and gave the Parish Council first refusal. As the allotments are an important asset, provide an important facility for the village, have been recognised in the Neighbourhood Plan and by law, a Parish Council has a duty to seek to provide allotments and if the current allotments were lost, the Parish Council would be obliged to seek to find and purchase other land. The Parish Council ran an online survey to gain the view of the community on whether the Parish Council should purchase the land and to find a way of making the purchase happen.

Luckily the vast majority of the community believed it to be a good idea and the Parish Council purchased the land in February of this year. This ensured that another green space around the edge of the village was protected from further development.

If the Parish Council hadn't of purchased the land, it would have gone to auction and what the new buyer would have done with the land is of course unknown, but it would most certainly have not been for the benefit of the community.

The Parish Council obtained a fixed interest loan over 30 years from the Government (PWLB) to purchase the land and the net cost per household in the Council Tax bill, worked out to be a maximum of £3.50 per year fixed over that period.

For further information concerning the Public Works Loan Board loan (PWLB), please visit the Finance page of our website (use below link) for up to date financial statements.


Please also see below for the results of the online survey which took place in November 2017.

If you are interested in renting an allotment, please contact Crick Allotment Association directly at

Safeguarding Crick Allotment Gardens

Do you agree that the Parish Council should proceed to ensure the allotments are safeguarded?