Representing and promoting the interests and the well-being of the parish

Emergency Planning

The 2020 Crick Parish Council Community Emergency and Flood Plan has been compiled using the Community Emergency and Flood Plan Guidelines issued by Northamptonshire County Council in 2017. Both documents can be found below.

Flood Reporting

In an emergency when there is danger to life call 999 or 112

Although Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue's main responsibility is saving lives, they may also help pump out floodwater from your property depending on how busy they are.

During a flood incident you should focus on the safety of yourself and others and make sure to stay out of floodwater. Go to page for more details on what to do.

For non-emergencies the nature of the flooding depends who you report the flood to.

Main River Flooding

The Environment Agency

Burst Water Mains and Sewer Flooding

Local Water Company

Flooding on motorways and some A-roads (A5, A14, A45, A43)

Highways England

Flooding on other roads

Northamptonshire Highways

Surface water, groundwater, ordinary watercourses

Northamptonshire County Council

Go to for contact details.

For all other types of flooding (groundwater, surface water and flooding from small watercourses) use the form on the flood toolkit

After a flood, regardless of who you initially reported it to, report it to the county council at

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