Representing and promoting the interests and the well-being of the parish

Litter Services

Various authorities and businesses have a responsibility to keep Crick parish clean and free of litter.

The attached map shows which authority/business has jurisdiction for litter picking and street cleansing for each area of the parish.

Each area/road is colour coded and corresponds to the below list of contacts who are responsible for that area. Please contact the relevant authority directly to report any litter issues.

YELLOW = BNP Paribis (Sandy Bhamra) or T: 0121 238 1265

GREEN = Daventry District Council – call centre: 01327 871100 or

PURPLE = Gazeley (G Park/Cost Co.) – James Cheesemore or Neil Daniels or 01923 830491

PINK = Highways England (Costain): Vanessa Adu

DARK BLUE/TURQUOISE = Northamptonshire Highways (to be Urban & Civic/Prologis) - Street Doctor service at

LIGHT BLUE = Whitings – Jon Murphy or 01527 836292

Litter Map

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