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Main Road Parking - Letter to Residents from Travis Perkins

Please review the attached letter from Travis Perkins concerning the parking situation along Main Road and Cowley Meadow Way junction.

The Parish Council are aware of the issues caused by the worsening problem of cars parking on Main Road too close to the Cowley Meadow Way junction and the Eldon Way roundabout and blocking the bus stop. In June when the problem was reported, we consulted NCC Highways which is the authority responsible for managing this. They have recommended Traffic Restrictions which will allow Parking Enforcement Officers to issue tickets to drivers who park too close to the junction and roundabout. Parking Enforcement Officers cannot do this at present even though drivers might not be following the advice in the Highway Code. Unfortunately, to implement these restrictions a legal process must be followed and it takes months to complete. We have asked whether this can be hastened but have been advised that the earliest implantation is likely to be Spring 2019.

Our sponsored PCSOs are aware of the issue too but can only advise drivers not to park close to junctions etc. They have been doing this but they do not have powers to issue tickets.

We have had a number of discussions with Bruno Guarnaccia, Facilities Manager, Group Property & Environment Travis Perkins plc. They have communicated our concerns to staff on a number of occasions and have arranged additional parking on the Industrial Estate but he is aware that the problem has worsened. He has escalated the matter to his Director and is looking to find additional sites for parking in the area and we are trying to assist with this.

We are talking with the agencies and authorities involved but the solutions do not rest with the Parish Council.

Posted: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 20:21 by Josie Flavell

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