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Police Advice on Defrosting Vehicles

Police Advice on Defrosting Vehicles

Police Crime Prevention Advice on Defrosting Vehicles

Don't give criminals an easy ride.
Always remain with your vehicle when defrosting the windows.
Never leave your engine running and vehicle unattended.

During the cold weather, motorists are advised to make sure their car is fully defrosted before starting any journey. However, motorists should never leave their vehicle unattended with the engine running to warm it up or defrost the windows.

Thieves can target residential areas on cold and frosty mornings looking for cars where the owner has started the engine to defrost the windows and then returned inside, leaving the car unattended.

Motorists should also be aware that some motor insurance policies become invalid if a vehicle is stolen because of keys being left in the ignition.

• If you have a garage, always put the car away at night. This not only keeps the car frost-free but also out of sight of would be car thieves
• Always remove keys from the ignition, even if you are just leaving your car for a few moments. It only takes a thief a few seconds to jump in and drive away
• Cover your windscreen the night before a frost is forecast. This will make it easier to clear the windscreen in the morning
• Make sure you allow yourself more time for your journey, Frost on cars also means the roads could be icy and make driving more difficult

TO help prevent yourself from becoming a victim of Crime, follow some simple steps which can be found on the crime prevention section of our website

Posted: Sat, 01 Dec 2018 10:50 by Brian Hughes

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