Crick Community

Serving the people of Crick

  • Standing Orders (PDF, 336 Kb)

    The Council's Standing Orders are the constitutional document which governs how Crick Parish Council operate and are managed.

    The Financial Regulations are also a constitutional document which governs how Crick Parish Council operate and manage all financial affairs/public money.

  • Fiancial Regulations (PDF, 377 Kb)

    Financial Regulations

  • Statement of Internal Control 2019 (PDF, 54 Kb)

    Pursuant to legislation, Parish Council's have to have an Internal Control Policy, which dictates how all financial operations are managed.

    All Parish Councils also have to have an Internal Controller, who is a member of Council which reviews all financial affairs/accounts and work carried out by the Responsible Financial Officer (Clerk), on a regular basis.

    At Crick Parish Council our Internal Controller is Cllr Jim Goodger, who reviews and approves all finances on a quarterly basis, which is reported back to Council at a full council meeting.

  • Health & Safety Policy (PDF, 341 Kb)

    Health & Safety Policy

  • Members Allowance Policy (PDF, 262 Kb)

    Members Allowance Policy

  • Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF, 256 Kb)

    Equal Opportunities Policy

  • Dignity at Work Policy (PDF, 392 Kb)

    Dignity at Work Policy

  • Training & Development Policy (PDF, 311 Kb)

    Training & Development Policy

  • Publication Scheme Policy (PDF, 100 Kb)

    Publication Scheme

  • Investment Strategy (PDF, 74 Kb)

    Investment Strategy covers all areas of investing and saving council funds.

  • Complaints Procedure (PDF, 284 Kb)

    Complaints Procedure

  • Recruitment Policy (PDF, 200 Kb)

    Recruitment Policy

  • Press & Media Policy (PDF, 225 Kb)

    Press & Media Policy

Data Protection Policies and Procedures